In this post I will explain exactly what you will find here now and in the future.

  •         Tutorials and technical guides: I will include step-by-step guides and tutorials about PHP in general. The posts are intended for both beginners and seniors and I will try to describe in a detailed manner, how to use some personal ideas.
  •         Code snippets and project examples: in which I will try to explain different programming concepts and techniques. You can even 'steal' them.
  •         Personal experiences and perspectives: ways of software development, debugging, testing and working in teams. Hmm, let's talk about behind-the-scenes details about the day-to-day challenges of a programmer's work.
  •         News and updates: developments in the world of programming, updates of some frameworks and future events.
  •         Opinion articles and analysis: I try to describe the best practices, trends and future developments.
  •         Book Reviews and Resources: Reviews of various books, courses and other resources for programmers.



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